Movie Review: LES MISÉRABLES (2012)

Okay so I lied and I went to go see this before I cleaned my room.  I was familiar with the director, Tom Hooper, and his work for The King’s Speech. He nagged an Oscar then for best directing so I was really curious to see what he would do here with this musical.  I have my dad’s copy of the 1998 Chicago musical which I have listened to from time to time and I’m familiar with the 1935 version that wasn’t a musical.  Ultimately  what led to the decision to go see it was my sister’s way of celebrating Boxing Day.

Needless to say I was absolutely taken away at the stunning visual quality of the film.  It was clear and sharp matching the phenomenal voices!  It also rang true to the original storyline.  Nonetheless, we all know the cast s brilliant and the performances were dead on from a Gladiator playing Javert and a lovely newcomer as Gavroche.  Honestly it’s the perfect film to end the year.