Artist: Ursus Wehrli

This artist is so trippy.  He has OCD, so he goes about organizing things.  It’s like beautiful clutter since the things he organizes are so out of the ordinary!



Artist: Beth Cavener Stichter



I just love how these sculptures really do spring to life.  They bring what I love about working with pencil and trying to achieve value, but in a whole new perspective!

Beth Cavener Stichter

If you live in New york, she’ll be on September 13 through October 20!!!!

If not please feel free to click the links and browse her work!

Artist: René Magritte


The Lovers, René Margritte (1928)

I remember seeing tis al while ago and forgetting who made it! I think it’s coincidence that it was also made the same year as Edward Hopper’s “From Williamsburg Bridge” in my last post!


The Empire Light, II. René Magritte, (1950)

Can’t get over the fact that this oil paint.  Talk about surrealism.

Learn more about Magritte here.