To Sir, With Love (1967)

I could easily start and end this review with:
“Enlgand. Sixties. Sidney Poitier.  That is all.”

But that wouldn’t give this movie any justice, not to mention Lulu’s song that goes with the movie.

I think every person who ever plans on becoming a teacher or counselor needs to see this.  It exemplifies human beings that care about others no matter who they are or where they are in life, a quality I find overlooked in today’s society.

Nonetheless, a teacher located in the tough city of London, who hopes that treating them like adults will make them realize they are no longer children.  I know that may seem vague and a very similar synopsis as Stand and Deliver (1998) or Freedom Writers (2007), but trust me this is very different and I actually admire this more.

I only wish they did a little more on Mr. Portier’s character.  However, it is based on a true story adapted into a book ,which I unfortunately have yet to come across on.

Oh and of course I do enjoy the time and location of the film, but that goes for any film outside the U.S.  I’m sure anyone would agree that watching a film not taking place where they are from, harbors that dream like quality.  The theme is relatable but it feels like a distance dream.




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