Remember Me (2010)


This was the first movie I saw of Robert Pattinson that was not Twilight.  I wanted to see what else could he possibly do.

I was not immediately in love with this movie, it took a while to get into it.  Originally I thought if you’re really seeking a film to slightly gush over, or you really like modern love romance scenes.  However I’m glad to also say if you like a ending with a twist, then this is for you as well.

The story felt very dry.  There were things I had seen before in movies or I have had the unfortunately to read in the newspaper.  But that all distracts from

I was not pleased with the character development.  While the over all story was pretty good I felt that not having that extra layer to the characters, is what made me sort of shrug at the romance.  The performances were far from flat, but I would have liked to see a little more of their deeper thoughts.

To be honest I liked the script, the little bits and pieces made it a great story.  There were very quirky things scattered, like how Ally likes eating dessert first, Tyler’s love for his sister and how death foils both of their lives.

Oh and the Strand.  So much love for throwing that in.



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