The Royal Tenebaums (2001)

So I lost my Wes Anderson virginity a few days ago.  I honestly don’t know why I waited so long.  This is one of the quirkiest films I’ve seen in a while.  Alec Baldwin’s narration was an immediate sign of “I’m gonna need some popcorn.”  Then, being the sucker for architecture I immediately needed to know the  whereabouts of the Tenebaum house. It happens to be located right here in Harlem!

The three kids right form the very beginning were completely different in their own complex way.  I think that’s something very hard to find in reality.  The best scene here would be Richie releases his falcon on the roof and soars through the sky to “Hey Jude.” The whole family dynamic was closely parallel to the house, having each child a floor to there own and decorated to their specific taste.  Oh and of course Eli Cash.  That one kid that wishes he was part of the family.

Yet despite the eagerness to have a sleepover and put on a play under a fort, it deals with many unsettling issues.  How divorce and lack of parental affection has  as on the youth, and it’s long after affects. The after affects death has on us, and how worrying can kill.  Knowing the truth hurts, but love love hurts even more.  The constant yearning to be loved and accepted.

All these lessons and personas all intertwine perfectly.  Each person compliments another whether they love or loath.  Over all it deals with real problems, but with a heart of gold.



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