Spirited Away (2001)


Hayao Miyazaki’s best known work that won the oscar for best featured film in 2003 when it was translated into English.

I remember seeing it once as a kid and letting the fanciful dream like characters take me away to an ocean filled with blue.

Today I re-watched and it still has the same lasting effect.

From the beginning we see that Chihiro is much wiser than her parents who get turned into pigs for eating the food that belongs to bathhouse.

Thus begins her journey to get them back but along the way she befriends Haku who comforts her that she will get back to the human world.

Through the entire story line despite plots we meet an array of characters each with a colorful personality and an appeal that makes me want to run up to them and have a nice chat over some tea.

For me the best part was when Chihiro tells Haku his name and his dragon shell breaks into hundred of facets.

But like most of Miyazaki’s films the dreams always end to early.



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