Movie Review: The Virgin Suicides (1999)


Well last night I decide to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to movies and some how ended up watching this.  I must say I was thoroughly impressed.  I guess the movie’s character remind me a lot of me and a friend of mine.  We sort of hide in the dream like fantasy that is our bedrooms.  When we see Cecilia’s room, I thought it was perfect.  All of that nostalgia trapped in the clutter on on her floor.  It’s the kind of room I always wanted but gave up when I realized how much cleaning I would have to do.  Anyways, aside from that the plot of the story, after Cecilia kills herself, focuses on Kirsten Dunce’s Character, Lux.  She is definitely the rebel of the house.  The narration by Giovanni Ribisi was also superb.  Yet the whole story comes to a crashing end and many unanswered questions are left for both the characters and the audience.  Despite the sourness left, The Virgin Suicides touches upon a very real issue.  My only complaint is that it ended to soon!  It is an honest film and if you’re looking for a film to get you thinking, this one will leave you breathless.



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